Nathan Royer speaks on the Bears-United Situation 

Attorney General Nathan Royer left a long comment, sharing his letters to both the people affected by the Bears-United Decision and to the ASUC (see this Calstuff post).
To all the people affected by the Bears-United situation,

I just want to take the time to speak from the heart and get some things off my chest...

First of all, I want to say that I offer my sympathies to all the BU candidates who are suffering because of the irresponsibility of a few. I know you have put a lot of time and effort into your campaigns, and I wish things had not turned out this way.

Please understand that neither the elections council nor myself have any agenda against the Bears-United party or any other party. Obviously I have been accused of being partisan because of this situation. If you only knew me, to say that I am beholden to ANYONE'S wishes is completely contrary to the person I am. I take tremendous pride in being able to say that I am not anyone's boy-never have been, never will be. I was overjoyed when the Senate first placed their confidence in my impartiality by appointing me, and since that day, I have done nothing but try to live up to their expectations.

Since this whole thing started, I have been told I am partisan because of things like me having more Student Action Facebook friends than CalSERVE friends. First of all, this is hardly research/evidence befitting Cal students. There are dozens of reasons why I may have more Facebook friends from one party than another. I have Manny Buenrostro, who I have spoken to maybe 4 times, as a Facebook friend, while I don't have listed Brent Kastenbaum, one of the Senators I respect the most. I encourage all of you to use the reasoning capabilities that got you into this school before making or believing claims like this. Secondly, had I been particular to Student Action, I never would have prosecuted Rocky Gade or any of the other things they haven't liked. My apologies for going off on the Facebook example, but it illustrates the way things can become irrational in stressful situations.

I will give you my only (and it should be the only one needed) explanation for my position on this situation, and my position on ASUC matters in general as they relate to me. I am truly sorry if you feel that I am in any way partisan, but please realize that I am a person who lives by principles. In the Constitutional description of the role of Attorney General, it says I am to uphold the Constitution and By-Laws of the ASUC. I have structured my efforts all year around fulfilling that duty to the best of my abilities. Please don't misconstrue this to mean I am a legalistic hardass by any means. I realize that sometimes people deserve forgiveness and an extra chance, but when extra chances have been given, and opportunity has been extended equally to all involved, and yet there is still no compliance, I must do what I feel is right by sticking to the rules and guidelines established by the student body.

All right, so far I have been spilling the softer side of me that is hurt and sympathetic about this situation-now for the other side. Since I do live by principles, I want to make it clear that I will not be intimidated by threats and accusations. You are my friend, my colleague, possibly even my authority, but I am not afraid of you. I will not be intimidated by accusations that I have sex with underage girls. I will not be swayed by threats of press releases to national media. I am not intimidated by threats that my entire past will be exposed on TV. I am not worried about my name being trashed in lecture halls. I do not fear lawyers, congressmen, or your connections.

Finally, the outcome of this situation is really going to be determined by the legislative and executive bodies. And guess what? Because this is not a personal or political vendetta, whatever the outcome, I will be okay with it. I am not going to be angry at BU leaders, I will not ignore them when I see them on campus, and they are welcome at my parties. I realize many are going to take this letter as me being self-righteous and trying to portray myself as better than others, but that is not the case. I just want to say what I feel.

Best regards to all of you,
Nathan Royer

Dear ASUC Officials,

I know you are probably sick of hearing about this, but it is a conviction of mine that grows stronger every day. I want to give some further reasoning as to why the Elections Council took the position it did regarding Bears-United. I am most definitely trying to persuade you that we had NO CHOICE; all I ask is that you give due, careful consideration to what I say.

Think for a moment about the various consequences of what some Senators have said we should have done: allowed a little extra grace and accepted the forms 15 minutes late. The resulting fiasco would have been just as bad as the current situation, and here's why.

The By-Laws set the point of no return so that we can accomplish another By-Law mandated duty: arranging the ballot AT the candidates meeting. It says specifically that the ballot must be arranged at that meeting. Period. We could not have waited another 15 minutes for a form we weren't even sure was coming. We could not have waited until the next day. Don't you understand that? Student Action, can you honestly say you would not have sued us if we had?? I know somebody would have.

We began arranging the ballot at the point of no return, and were well into the process by the time BU returned their forms. What did you want us to do, start over?? Be reasonable. CalSERVE, can you honestly say you would have given up Justine's #1 spot and negated everyone else's fairly obtained positions on the ballot? Can you honestly say you would not have sued if we had started over? I know somebody would have.

The point is: what did you want us to do, break this By-Law or that By-Law, and be subjected to another lawsuit? For all the talk I hear about students rights, I have heard surprisingly little about the rights of the 100+ other candidates in the race. Whether you choose to believe it or not, the fact is SOMEONE ELSE would have suffered if we had done things differently. I hate that any group has to suffer, but if one has to, I think it should be the one who actually did the deed.

Again, please just consider these thoughts. Thanks for reading another long letter...my apologies.

Nathan Royer