Crusade for Equal Rights for Same-Sex Couples is On!
For background of what I'm talking about, see this post, that explains all the details. We've come up with a gameplan of what needs to be accomplished, and Stage 1 involves passing the bill here at Berkeley and building the website. Passing the bill should be easy (here at Berkeley, everyone loves the gay), but building the website is something I could use some help with.

If anyone with any html skills can assist me with this, please let me know (calratto@berkeley.edu). We are planning on having a rather simple website with a left sidebar that lists the various sections (bill text, schools, contact, help FAQ...) and then the main section that would be almost entirely text. Basically, as easy and simple a website as would be possible to explain to people what we are trying to accomplish. Then, as this campaign picked up steam we could work on revising it into something more substantial. Thank you to everyone who has already suggested ways they can help out, I will be contacting you all soon.